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Jul. 19th, 2014

Working On a New Fic

So I was working on something, when a muse for a MinHo fic decided to come visit me. It wouldn't freaking leave me alone until I started writing the darn thing! At first I thought I could turn it into a one-shot (how naive can I be), since I haven't written anything for so long (blame my ex muses, & writer's block), but nnooo...it somehow morphed into a chaptered fic! What the heck??!!! How did this happen?! OTL Now I a remember how writers' that experince this feel -_-;

Anyway, ths fic will take a bit of time before it's posted since I need to do quite a bit of editing and what not, but it should be posted some time this month....I hope OTL

Here are a few things about it:

pairing: Changmin/Yunho (yes Changmin tops...and it that not change!)
genre: a bit sci-fi (..ish the only thing sci-fi about it..so far is the machine..this may or may not change..it depends on my muse)
rating: NC-17 (more than just bjs...if you're not comforterble w/ that..then either skip those parts, or read something else, but don't say I didn't warn you)

Min and Yunho are scientists who created a machine that changes a persons gender. They wanted to help take the risks of out of the ones that come with going under the knife, but to also make the change complete by, having them change biologically too. Being the scientists that they are, Yunho agrees too take part in a project to see what it's like to become a woman.

Sep. 27th, 2013

fic search

Hi! I used to have this fic book marked on my phone, but it decided to be mean & erased all my bookmarks -_-*

But here's what I remember: pairing- MinHo, werewolf AU
- Changmin's the alpha, & discovers that Yunho (who I believe is a new member) is his beta.
- I think the other members are in it as well.
- Min finds out Yun's his beta during mating season (if I rmbr correctly).
- Yunho's pregnant
- I think Yunho said something about wanting to slow things down a bit since everything was happening a little too fast for him

May. 3rd, 2013



Length: one-shot
Author & Title: Can't remember -_-*

What I do remember: Yunho was thinking about having a sex change & tells Changmin about it. When the group disbands, Yunho decides to have the operation.
When Yunho comes over to to visit Min (he lives in his girlfriend's apt..if I remember correctly), Min's a bit surprised w/ how Yun looks. They drink & talk on the couch. Then Min says he wants to have sex w/ him. Yunho's game for it & says he wants to tryout his new 'vagina'. When they're done Min says something about breaking up w/ his girlfriend, & I think Yun says he can live w/ him (or something like that).

I hope someone can help me find this fic. Thanks in advance! : )

Dec. 8th, 2012


Hi! I'm looking for a sequel that an author wrote for vaguelynormal's -> Sacrifice (http://equiilibrium.livejournal.com/28944.html). Here's what I what I remember...

-Yunho got turned by Jae or Su & Chun got turned by Min...I think
- Min & Yunho got into an argument & Chun somehow fell out of the window...I think this happened after he got turned
- Chun was having a tough time adjusting to be a vampire while Yunho quickly adapted to it
- Jae wouldn't let Yunho top him while he was still human, but that changed when he was turned

Hope someone can help me find this.

Thanks in advance : )


I've been looking for this one-shoot where the group got into a car accident & Changmin was was injured...his throat got injured, & isn't able to talk anymore. Min had a difficult time adjusting to not being able to talk again, but w/ the help of Yunho & the others (& learning sign language) he was able to adjust to it...oh and the others learned sign language too surprised him by responding to him when he thought they wouldn't understand what he was saying(/singing).

Thanks in advance if someone can help me find this fic : )

Sep. 25th, 2012

Korean Dramas

Can anyone recommend a good site to watch Korean dramas...other than the sites listed below?


Aug. 19th, 2012


Post-Scandal, Kristen Stewart Gets Kicked Out of Her Own Franchise

I'm not sure if it's true or not, but apparently she isn't going to be in the Snow White and the Huntsman movies (or at least not as Snow White) because she had an affair with the director. If this is true I think they're taking things too far (& no I don't support cheating). It's not like the director didn't do anything wrong too, so why is she the only one being affected for their mistake?

I can't say I'm her fan, but I don't think it's right or fair for someone to lose their job for something they did in their personal life (unless it's something major...like doing something illegal , or really immoral). It's bit hard for me to understand how fans can't separate their views on an actor's (, singers, etc) personal life from their proffesional one.

Is it just me or does people seem to over react more when a woman cheats, than when a man does?

Feb. 20th, 2011

Will He Be Happy?

Pairing: MinHo (Changmin/Yunho)
Rating: Pg13-Nc17
Length: 1-shot (but it might be split into 2 parts)
Summery: Yunho gets what he's always been wanting to have, but will the man he loves be happy about it? 

A.N: I'm suprised my HoMin/MinHo muse decided to come back to me..so I thought I'd write a one-shot....although knowing myself, it might end up being a bit longer than a one-shot. I'll post it a.s.a.p once I'm satisfied w/ it.



Jan. 18th, 2011


Hi guys! i'm looking for a yunjae fic i read here in lj, but my memory failed me so i ended up forgeting to mem it. :(
-genre- drama, romance(?)
-Jae couldn't stand to be w/ Yunho (can't rmbr why) so he left him, but  he told him he'd come back when he was ready
-Yunho was heart brkn, & didn't think jae meant it when he said he'd come back someday
-Jae came back to him & yunho wasn't ready to take him back since he forced himself to move on
-Jae stayed w/ him in his(/their) apt, but yunho set some rules for him
-Yunho's sister comes over to visit, & tells jae that she thinks she may be pregnat. Jae doesn't tell yunho cuz he doesn't want to get involved
-Yunho realizes he wants Jae back, but he misderstands something, & changes his mind (something like that). This happened when he went to a funeral Jae attended w/ someone else
-When Jae came back from the funeral, he found Yunho drunk on the floor. Yunho told him his sister tried to kill herself.
Sadly this is all I can remember. I hope someone can help me find it!

Dec. 8th, 2010


to authors who have an account(s) on winglin,

are you guys able to go on your (old) account(s)? the last time i tried to, it wouldn't me.

Sep. 3rd, 2010


hi! just to let you guys know, i'll be on a small hiatus for a while. i'm in the Phil.& i not always able 2 cnnct to the internet.
so to those who take off frnds on their fl 4 lack of cmnts, pls don't delete me. i'll read ur fics & leave a cmnt when i can.

Jun. 21st, 2010

request/ search

I read this fic in winglin, & I would like to read it again. But like always, i can't remember the title & the author (blame my bad memory -_-"). Here's some of the details that I'm actually able to remeber (>_<") :
-this fic has mpreg
-yunho & jae were married
-yunho's rich & wants to have a chil, but jae wasn't able to get pregnant
-yunho has been cheating on jae for a long time (don't rem how long) w/ junsu
-what yun doesn't know is that yoosu has been playing him from the very begining (not sure if yun knows chun too) & su is preg. the baby's father how ever, is actually yoochun.
-yun throws jae out of their home, & jae gets hit by a car as he's running away. what jae & yun doesn't know, is that jae was actually preg, but since he got hit, he lost the baby. jae also some how became blind.
-siwon who was the driver who hit him, took care of him
-yoosu & yun eventually got along w// each other after yoosu confessed to him.
-jae has a candy shop, & changmin helps him (i think siwon & mn are brothers)
-yunho sees jae in the store & comes in so that he can apologize to him, jae still loves him, but is too hurt by what yun's done to be able to forgive him. he tells yun he doesn't love him anymore, & asks him to leave him alone.
~I hope this can help someone remember this story. I'd really like to read it again (I don't think it's finished yet)

May. 24th, 2010


I've been trying to lool for this  fic / & these one-shots:

fic > I forgot the title and the author's name ( -_-" ) but these are the things I remember about it:

-the main couple is YunJae
-there's a girl & she's Yunho best friend (can't rem. her name)
-they've been friends for a long time, & has had a crush on him for a long time as well
-they didn't meet Jae until they were in high school (don't rem. what yr they were in..maybe they were juniors or seniors)
-Yunho & the girl does 'it' w/ each other even when Yunho & Jae are going out
-Yun & the girl goes to the same college (Jae didn't grad from h. s...I think)
-I don't rem. when it started but they end up having a threesome
-the last time that they did it, Jae almost/ or makes the girl orgasm & it snaps something in Yunho. Yunho ends up forcing her to go into his & Jae's bedroom & forces himself on her while Jae bangs on the door to & tells Yun to stop & let her go. When Yun finished, he shocked when he realizes what he's done to her & cries/ begs her to for give him
-Jae drives her home & tells her that he's known for a while that she & Yunho have been doing it behind his back, & is also the reason why he wanted them to have a threesome(in his mind it's so that he has some sort of control about it)
-she ends up transferring to a different college
-a few years later she recives an invitation to their wedding. on the back of it Yunho wrote her a little message (can't really rem. what he wrote)
-she ends up deciding to go.
-she's suprised when Yunho comes to her place (actually I think it's hers's and her current boyfriend who was out of town).
-he tells her that he just wanted to make sure that she was really coming to the wedding in person instead of just calling her.
-when he went back to his car, she takes off her top (just does it w/ out really thinking...I suppose she just misses being w/ him that way) and goes back inside her home. this makes him follow her inside & end up doing it in every room.
-the next day, Yun suprises her by making her breakfast that he made himself. she's impressed because Yunho didn't know how to cook before.
-they talk for a while (& he tells her she should curl her hair...she agrees w/ him)...and then leaves.
-she goes to the wedding... but I don't think she stayed very long at the reception...or went to it at all.
-she realizes she's pregnant (has already broke up w/ her bf before or after she found out), & asks Jae if they could meet some where & talk.
-she confesses to him that she & Yun did it again before the wedding & that she's pregnant. Jae isn't angry (but is heart broken of course), 7 asks her what her plan is.
-she tells him that she's considering having an abortion. Jae tells her that she should at least tell Yunho first before she does that.
-Jae also says that Yunho's an idiot because he doesn't realize that he's been in love w/ his best friend for a long time. He also plans on getting a divorce so that Yun & her can be together.
-Jae even tells her that he wants to be the baby's godfather
-she tells Yun what she told Jae & is of course shocked, especially about how Jae took the news. he asks her if she'll keep the baby & she says she will.
* I don't usually like reading this kind of yunjae fic, but the way it was written just works some how.

1 one-shoot> I wish I rem. to mem this ( -_-")
-main couple YunJae/ JaeHo (by force hehe..you'll see), YooSu (?), SiChul, KangTeuk (Teukie's pregnant...Kangin is his "slave"..hehe)
-Yunho comes home & see's Jae laying down. He kisses him & make <3 to him & is suprised at how hot Jae's body is (he thinks it's because of him...pabo),...he doesn't realize that Jae's body is hot, is because he has a fever
-to get back at Yunho, Jae decides that he will top the next time they do it. their friends (who are the ukes..except Teuk) ask if Jae can leave the door open (or at least a little open)...& Jae agrees.
-I think the ukes where also trying to figure out a way to convince their bf to let them top
-they hear Yuno yelling/ screamning for Jae to slow down & be gentle
-Siwon freaks out & runs away...Heechul tries to go after him

2 one-shot>this made me feel a little sorry for Yun
-YunJae/ JaeHo (kinda)
-they're making out in the kitchen....& Yun pushes a popsicle into Jae's butt
-Jae screams & tells him to take it out. Yun tries to get it out, but sadly breaks the stick.
-Jae then tells him to warm up some water so that Yun can pour it in his butt...Yun does what Jae told him to do, but...he ends up burning Jae a bit because he over heated the water.
-Jae tells Yun that he''s going to do some scary things to him, which makes Yun faint.

Mar. 25th, 2010


looking for some fics (i thought i added them to my mems..but sadly i didn't..-_-"..)

1. yunjae- chaptered- angst
*yunho & jae were together when they were in high school or college
*yuho takes pictures (it's either as a hobby or his major)
*yunho's friends decide to rape jae (in the science room)...yunho was in the room but didn't do anything to help jae...took pics because his friends told him to
*jae jumps off a building
*yunho & his girlfriend were driving & yun runs over something...but when the stop & look to see what they ran over they didn't see anything
*yun's neck has been bothering him ever since
*yun's friends has been commiting sucide one by one
*yun's girlfriend sees the pics that yun took of jae getting raped & breaks up w/ him
*fast forward> jae has yun crashing through a window & ends up dieing...they end up being together again

2. yunjae- one-shot (or 2-shot)- romance?
*yunjae are undercover cops & where in a wharehouse/ building....the guy they were trying to arrest was molesting jae who was dressed in a top, miniskirt, and heels...
*yun's eventually is able to help jae
*they go back to jae's house after work & talk for a little while (jae hasn't changed his clothes yet)
*jae confesses that he likes yunho
*yun tells him he likes him too
*jae takes yunto his room and him the dildo that he uses (pretends that it's yun's)

+since there dosen't seem to be a fic about my prev search....i'll try to write one myself...although i'm not sure i'll be able to write it well...hopefully it wont be too dissapointing if i do...>_<"

Mar. 21st, 2010


hhmmm i was just wondering....are there any fics where jae rapes yunho?

- can be a one-sho, mini series, or a long chp story
- can be any genre
 -would be nice if they some how become or remain a couple
- would prefer it if nether one of them died (if it does happen pls warn me first)
- yunho either remains the uke/bottom or at least bottoms the most

Mar. 16th, 2010


looking for a fic (not sure if it's a mini-series or if it's a long chaptered one)...here's what i remember :

* it's jaeho

* i think yuni's living w/ jae...can't really remeber

* they've haven't really done 'it' yet...yunho had been molested by his uncle > traumatizes him

* jae has to take a trip somewhere (not sure if it's family or work related)

* yunho doesn't feel comfortable being left alone for a long time.....jae tries to make him feel better/ distract him (?)  by suggesting that he goes shopping....which yun does

* yunho's perverted uncle manages to find him and rapes him....not sure it it's in the parking garage or near where he & jae lives

* yunho calls jae & sobs..(i think he asks jae to come home...not sure)...jae immediately gets ready to come back home

+ the last time i read this, it wasn't finished yet.....i hope someone can help me find this fic

+ thank you to those of you who helped me find the other fics that i was looking for

!! oh, and i finally finished organizing the lists of fics i've read on winglin. the link's winglin.net/fanfic/jhyjfan00/  if you'd like me to add your own fics on it, or fics that you've read, pls feel free to leave a comment on the comment page or e-mail me. the info's on the link's forewords page !!

Mar. 2nd, 2010

(no subject)

winglin's finally working again..yaayyy!^^ (i only found out about it today cuz my roomate had to use my laptop yesterday...oh well.
now if i could only find my muse(s) for my fics....mmm...i might have to try to find a way to bribe them t come back......

Feb. 19th, 2010

[FIC] A New Beginning

A.N.B Link List:

Character Info: http://jhyjfan.livejournal.com/968.html
Prolouge: http://jhyjfan.livejournal.com/968.html
Chp 1: http://jhyjfan.livejournal.com/1554.html

Request/ Search

hi!!..I'm looking for fics where Yunho's the 'girl' in the relationship
~rating: any...but I'd love it more if it had smut in it...>_<"
~genre: any
~pairing: jaeho's my fav....but it doesn't have to be (as long as he bottoms too)
~length: one-shot(s) or chaptered
~i've read all of sexineko's fics  (i rcmmnd u read them if u haven't yet)
~can be fics from LJ or winglin
~oh, & i have some fics with yunho being the uke too. they're: "Risk" (yunjae/jaeho), Shoul I Listen To My Heart (jaeho/yunjae), & A New Beginning (siyun> siwon/yunho).

Feb. 16th, 2010

[Fic] "Risk"

Title: Risk
Author: jhyjfan
Pairing: JaeHo
Length: ?
Rating: pg 13 > R
Will you be willing to tell the one you fell in love with that you love him even if you might lose that person in your life? Are you willing to take that that risk?

*  FL= 5, 11, 13, 15

2> http://jhyjfan.livejournal.com/2261.html
3> http://jhyjfan.livejournal.com/2319.html
4> http://jhyjfan.livejournal.com/2665.html
6> http://jhyjfan.livejournal.com/3262.html
7> http://jhyjfan.livejournal.com/3435.html
8> http://jhyjfan.livejournal.com/3807.html
9> http://jhyjfan.livejournal.com/3892.html
10> http://jhyjfan.livejournal.com/4277.html
12> http://jhyjfan.livejournal.com/4788.html
14> http://jhyjfan.livejournal.com/5311.html
16> http://jhyjfan.livejournal.com/6615.html



Feb. 10th, 2010

"Risk" > Part 16

SiChul Side

It was Tuesday Heechul who was an early riser, got up and went to the bathroom to do what he every morning when wake up. Once he was finished drying his hair, he got out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. When he opened the closet to pick out what he was going to wear, he felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist. "Good morning Wonie." Chul said as he turned around and kissed Siwon's cheek.

"Good morning Chullie." Siwon said cutely and kissed Chul's cheek. "I'll go take a shower now so I can dressed. I would have my way with you right now, but I don't want us to be late for work." He whispered into Chul's ear and chuckled, which of course earned a "Yah!' and a light smack on his arm.

"I'll go get breakfast ready after I get dressed." Chul said he was picking out what he was going to wear.

"Okay. Make the coffee really strong." Siwon said as he was closing the bathroom door.

"I will." Chul said as he was putting on his pants.

When Heechul was finished getting dressed, he went to the kitchen so he could make their breakfast. 

Once he finished making the waffle batter, he put the coffee grounds, and water in the coffee maker, and pressed the on button. He didn't want Siwon to have to wait for it to be ready when he came out of their room.

As Heechul was making the last waffle, he felt Siwons lips on his neck. 

"Mmm...That smells good Chullie." Siwon whispered in his ear and kissed his cheek.

Heechul just smiled at him and kissed his cheek as well, and gave him a plate that had a couple of the waffles, and a cup for his coffee.

"Thanks babe." Siwon said as he put the plate one the table so he can pour some of the coffee into his cup.

Heechul joined Siwon at the table once he poured some coffee into his own cup.

While they were eating, Siwon had this look on his face like he was 
thinking about something pleasant.

Curious about what Siwon was thinking about, he put his hand under his chin and slightly tilted his head. "What are you thinking about honey?"

Hearing Chul's question, he snaps out of his little daydream and smiles at his Chullie. "I was just thinking about how we confessed to each other when we were young."

Remembering how they confessed to each other, Heechul smiles can't help but smile too. "We were such dorks. But at least we finally told each other about how we felt for one another."

Siwon couldn't  help but smile again, "Yeah, we were." He says  and goes back to daydreaming as he continues to eat.

~Their Confession 

It was Saturday, and two teenagers decided that this would be the day that they would finally tell the person they cared about deeply, that he loves him.

One was thinking about how he was going to confess while he was taking a shower, while the other was trying to think about it while he was trying to decide on what to wear. Both were feeling nervous as hell while they were trying to get ready.

When it was time to meet each other at the park, they both were a nervous wreck, well more so before it actually came time to get out of their house, and go to there. 

Siwon was pacing back and forth near a tree as he was waiting for Heechul to meet him at the park.  'Confess today! No, confess some other day!' These were the thoughts going through his mind like a game of tennis. One player, which was the brave side of him, was telling him to confess and get it over with already. The other player, who was the procrastinator, was telling him to do it some other day. Luckily his indomitable side won the match.

 Heechul was speed walking to the park, to meet Siwon. Since he had made the choice to tell him what he has been meaning to tell him for quite some time. As he was walking, he chanted 'You can do this! You can do this! You can do this!’ in his mind. When he saw Siwon or Wonie  as he calls him in his head, he felt even braver. Not that he was complaining. He just thought that seeing him might make him procrastanate about telling the guy that he loves him. Luckily for him, the opposite happened. Having Siwon looking the other way, went to his favor. Sneaking up on him and scaring the poor guy was one of his hobbies. Slowly and silently, he creped up behind him, and quietly took a deep breath. "I'm here now!" Chul yelled. This of course scared the living day lights out of the poor guy. What always made him laugh was how the tall guy would slightly jump when ever he would do that to him. He couldn't help but smile as Siwon turned around pouting.

When the guy he was waiting for scared him, and caused him to jump a little, he couldn't help but pout as he turned around to face his mischievous friend, whom he loved for as long as he could remember.  Yes, he should have been used to having the sneaky guy doing that to him since the meet when they were freshmen’s', but sadly for him he wasn't. So as he turned around to face him, he couldn't help but play along and pout. "You're so mean. Remind me why I'm you're friend again."

Tapping his chin with his pointer finger, "hhmm...Beacause ...you would be bored if you weren't?!" Heechul said a laughed at his own answer.

What Chul said was true, so Siwon didn't bother arguing him. Sure they had other friends. Some were both their friends, and some weren't. Heechul how ever made him try new things and made doing mundane things a little more interesting. Like when they studied. Heechul invented a game to help them remember terms. And  some how even made doing chores fun so that it wasn't as annoying to do.  Smirking and rolling his eyes, "Sure what ever you say Chul." Inside his mind, he called Heechul Chullie instead of Chul.

Before they made their way to the amusement park, the two friends wanted to tell each other what has been on their minds for so long. 

"Siwon I..." "Heechul I want to..." Heechul and Siwon said at the same time. Both wanting to get it out of the way, and face how ever the other might react.

"You go first Chul." Hiwon offered wanting to know what the other wanted to say.

"It's alright. You go first." Heechul replied. Also curios about what tall guy want to tell him.

"Let's just do rock, paper, scissors." Siwon suggested to make things fair.

"Okay!" Chul said happily

"Rock, paper, scissors!" They said in unison.

Siwon won and got to talk first. 'No matter what happens, I'm not going to regret telling him how I feel' He thought to himself as he put his hands in his pockets, and looked into Heechul's eyes. "Chul there's something that I want, no need to tell you. I-I love you Heechul. I've loved you since that day you offered to help me with my science project. I realize that you might not have the same kind of feeling for me, but I hope that this doesn't make you wish that we aren't friends. I...” Siwon stopped talking when Heechul put his hand on his mouth.

Heechul smiled, and shook his head. "Siwon, you have nothing to worry about. I love you too. I've loved you since the day you helped me find the necklace that my grandmother gave me. I love you too Siwon!" Chul was a bit startled when he felt Siwon's lips on his, but immediately kissed him back. 

"Thank you for loving me too Chullie!" When he realized that he called him Chullie, he widen his eyes and asked, "Is it alright if I call you Chullie?!"

"Of course you can! Would you mind if I called you Wonie?!" Heechul asked and bit his lower lip.

"Sure go ahead!" Siwon said, happy to have a nick-name too.

From that day on the two were a couple and stayed together even after the graduated college and started working for the same company. 


Remembering how they became a couple, the two love birds smiled and kissed each other tenderly. They felt fortunate to still be together since some of the other couples they knew broke up while they were in high school, and college. The happy memory that they remembered turned an ordinary day, into a more cheerful, and bearable one. Now if only every single day were like that. Although it would make things a bit dull if ever day were like that.

Side note: Fortunately for Siwon, Heechul didn't try to scare him as much since he didn't want him to have a heart attack. Siwon sometimes wanted him to stop doing it completely, but figured it would be a tad boring if that happened.

*Since winglin's being moody again. I thought I'd update this here first. Hope it will start working again soon. (-_-")

*Please leave a comment! <3


Feb. 3rd, 2010

Should I Listen To My Heart > Prolouge

Title: Should I Listen To My Heart

Author: jhyjfan

Couple: YunJae/ JaeHo 

Others: Channgmin, Hyun Joong, Jung Min, Junsu,  Se7en, Yoochun, etc 

Genre: angst, romance

Rating: PG > R

Length: 1/?

Being friends since they were five, Yunho and Jaejoong knew each other very well, and went through quite a bit of ups and downs together. They have through a lot togehter and always supported each other.  Needless to say, they also loved each other. However, they only thought of it as a brotherly type of love. At least that's that's what they thought.

These two still remained close even when they each had their own boyfriend. Yunho has been with Donghae since they were in high school, but had a long distance relationship when it was time for them to go to college. It was also the same for Jaejoong and Siwon. Since these bestfriends' haven't had any romantic feelings for each other, all four of them got along with out a problem even when they all went to the same high school. The four were close friends and (almost) always spent time together.

Things changed however, when an unfornunate event occurred and Jaejoong tried his best to console Yunho. Little did these two know that the way they loved each other would change, and how it would affect their lives.

Not the best prolouge, but I didn't want to give too much information yet. I'm not to sure how many chapters I'm going to write before their love for each other changes, but I'll try my best to make it worth the wait.

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Should I Listen To My Heart



Title: Should I Listen To My Heart

Author: jhyjfan

Genre: angst, romance

Rating: PG > R

Length: 1/?

Main Couple = Yunho + Jaejoong/ Jaejoong + Yunho

Donghae= Yunho's boyfriend, friend to others
Siwon= Jaejoong boyfriend, friend to others
Heechul= Siwon's friend
Changimin= Yunho's brother. Se7en's boyfriend, a friend to the others
Se7en= Changmin's boyfriend, friend to the others
Yoochun= Jaejoong's brother, friend to the others
Kim Hyun Joong= doctor                                   

Etc = Not sure who else to add yet...

 What will these two do when they realize that they belong together? Will they find a way to be together, or will they ignore what thier heart is telling them to do?

~Yes, I know I should be updating my other fics. But I just couldn't ignore this new idea that I have for a new Yunjae/Jaeho fic (yes Jae gets to top here too. I know it still a bit strange for some of you to read fics where Jae gets to do that, but I want to make things...fair for him). I will update the other fics once I don't have that frustrating thing called writer's block.

~Fic List :

*A New Beginning > LJ = SiYun

*"Both" >www.winglin.net/fanfic/ /jhyjfan01/ = YunJae

*"Risk" >www.winglin.net/fanfic /jhyjfan02/ & LJ = YunJae/ JaeHo

Jan. 16th, 2010

"Risk" > Part 14

YooSu Side

Junsu wakes up when he hears a bird chirping on his windowsill. He couldn't help but smile when he realizes that Yoochun was sleeping on top of him while he was still connected to him. He kisses his forhead, and ever so slowy, he flips Chun over. Some how, he successfully manages to unwrap Chun's off of him, and gently pulls out of him. Once he was able to get off the bed, he looks for his boxers and shirt, and put them on. Before he left his room, he goes to his bed were Chun was still sleeping, and kisses his cheek tenderly.  'You sleep like a log."  Su whispers and grins while he quietly walks towards the door. While he was trying to decide what to make them for breakfast, he was smiling like a fool. He wanted to make them a speacial breakfast since it would be the first one they would eat as a couple. As he was cutting the strawberries, and honeydew for the fruit salad, he didn't notice Chun was walking towards him from behind. Su gasps when he felt Yoochun's wrap around his waist. Lightly leaning on Chun's chest, "Good morning" He says while he turns his head so he can kiss the man's lips.

Chun kisses Su back, and smiles when they pull back from their kiss. "Good morning" He replies. "What did you make for breakfast?" He ask as Su mixes the fruit.

Wiping his hands with a wet paper towel, "I made some french toast, and a frittata. I'm keeping them warm in the oven." Su says while he turns around and wraps his arm around Chun shoulders.

Kissing Junsu's neck, "mmm..Sounds delicious. I'll help you set the table." Chun says and reluctantly pulls away from their embrace. He picks up the plates and forks that were on the counter, and puts them on the table.

Su places the food on a tray and hands it to Chun so he can finish setting the table. When the coffee was ready, he pours it into a couple of cups and goes to the table. He hands a cup to Chun and starts to sip on his own cup. "Let's eat." he says as he puts the cup down.

Yoochun and takes a bite of the frittata, and immediately closes eyes. Opening eyes again, "mmm..Su this good." He comments. He can't help but do the same thing again when he takes a bite of the french toast. "mmm...Su, using croissants to make this is, is a good idea. It's delicious." He says and chuckles in his head when he sees Junsu's cheek have a tinge of pink on them.

As always, Junsu's cheeks would turn a little pink when Chun would give him compliments. This time was no different than the others. "Thanks Chun. I'm glad you like it." He says a little shyly.

After they had finished eating the special breakfast that Junsu had prepared for them, they cleaned up the table and kitchen. While Su went to his room to look for something that Yoochun could wear, Yoochun was making them a fresh pot of coffee.

Junsu walk over to Chun who was pouring the coffee into their cups, embraces him from behind. Resting his head on Chun's back, "mmm...Thanks for making us more coffee. I put the clothes on the bed. You can change into them after we take a shower.

Stirs some sugar and cream into their cups and hands one to Junsu, who gratefully takes it. "
Thanks Su. I hope I put the amount of cream and sugar."

Takes a sip of the steaming hot cup of coffee, "mm..It's perfect Chun. Thank you." Su says and takes another sip.

"You're welcome." Chun replies a bit shyly. Happy that Junsu likes how he prepared his coffee, he takes a sip from his own cup.

Not wanting Yoochun to have to worry about bringing his dirty clothes back to his place, Junsu decideds to wash it along with the clothes he wore last night. Chun tried to stop him, but since Junsu was a bit stuborn at times, he ignored him.
The two new lovers continued to drink their coffee and talk until they heard the machine make a sound to letting them know that the clothes were ready. Junsu gets up and tells Chun to go take a shower. He quickly gets the wet clothes in the dryer and goes to the bathroom so he can join Chun.

Not being able to control themselves, the two love birds end up going at it again, and doesn't stop until they were both exhausted. After an hour or so, they come out of the bathroom. One was slightly blushing, and limping. The other one had a grin on his face. Junsu would have had a bigger smile on his face, but since he didn't want to annoy the slightly feminine man, he controlled himself.

Noticing that Chun was yawning a little, Junsu had him take a nap while he got their clothes out of the dryer. 'Good thing the machine has a feature that prevents the clothes from wrinkling.' Su thinks to himself; grateful that he doesn't have to iron them.

Since Yoochun was still sleeping, he Su decided to check his other e-mails read some documents that needed to be ready for the next day.

Luckily for Chun, he did all of that before he went to Junsu's place, so he didn't have to worry about that. 

By the time Junsu had finished reading the last document, Chun had woken up from his nap. When he saw Chun walking towards him, he smiled and opened his arms. "Did you have a nice nap babe?"

Not one to talk too much after waking up, Chun just nods his head as he sat on Junsu's lap. Just as he was snuggling against Su's chest, his stomach begins to growl.

Chuckling, "Sounds like someone's hungry." Su says teasingly. "I'll make us some pad thai. How does that sound hhmmm?" he ask and kisses Chun's forehead.

Kissing Su's cheek, "mmm...Sounds good. Can I help?" Chun asks, and wrap his arms around Su's neck.

"Sure. I'd like that. Having someone help makes it easier to cook it." Su says as he carried Chun towards the kitchen. Chun tried to get him to put him down, but when Junsu noticed that he still limped a little, he wouldn't let him walk. He had Chun sit on a bar stool that was next to the counter. Su handed him a chopping board, a knife, a big platter, and some vegtables. Su on the other hand, preped the other ingrediants that the dish needed.

The two prepared the dish with ease. If they were chefs instead of accountants they would have been successful at cooking as well. They had cooked the slightly complicated dish with ease. Kind of like a well choreographed dance. In no time, they had finished making the dish along with some grilled pork chops, cucumber salad. 

They ate their mini feast while they were watching a funny movie. After chatting for a little while once the had washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen once more; it was sadly time for Chun to leave.
Before they went to sleep in their own comfy beds, they texted each saying "Good night." and I love you.". After covering themselves with their blanket, each had a smile on their face before they fell asleep.

15> http://jhyjfan.livejournal.com/5551.html (FL)

P.S > I know it should be JunChun since Junsu's the one topping, but I don't like how JunChun sounds...hehheh!...

"Risk" > Part 12

JaeHo Side

When Jae arrived at his apartment he felt a pair of strong arms wrap around his waist, which startled him a bit. But since he knew who was hugging him, he instantly relaxed and put one of his arms on the ones that was hugging him. "Yunie..I'm glad you're awake...You shouldn't have stayed up so late...oh and Junsu packed some food for us..Let's eat!" He says and turns around so he can kiss Yunho's tempting lips.

Yunho happily kisses Jae back and,  takes the bag from Jae so he can put the containers on the coffee table, while Jae goes to the kitchen so he can get some chopsticks a some drinks for them. When Jae came to the living room, Yun has already finished getting the table ready. "mmm..Su sure knows how to cook. These smell delicious. It's a good thing you taught him how to cook Joongie" He says cutely.

Finding what Yunho said was cute, Jae couldn't help but chuckle a bit. "Yeah..he was an eagar student. He said cooking was one of the ways that helped him relax.That and it helps that I don't have to worry about him eating properly." He says thinking of how Su would eat if he didn't know how to cook. He figured he'd either be too skiny from not eatting enough, or a bit chubby from eating out too often. Luckily, he didn't have too worry about that happening.

After they were finished eating they cleaned up the table, and put the containers and glasses in the dishwasher. Jae had Yunho pick a bottle of wine and get two glasses, while he cut the chocolate torte he baked when he was baking the red velvet cake for Su. After he put the torte on a couple of plates, he made some fresh whipped cream that he flavored with rasberry liquer, and put some on top of each piece. Once he got a couple of forks, he went back to the living room.

When Jae came back with the living room, he handed him a glass of wine once he put the dessert on the table.

Takes the glass and thanks Yunho, "I hope you'll like it." He says shly as he gives one of the plates to Yunho.

Yunho takes the plate and smiles, "Thanks. I'm sure it's delicious." He says reasuringly. He takes a bite, and moans. "mmm..Jae this is really good. You're a good baker. No wonder Su asked you to help him." He says and take another bite, but not before he gives Jae a choclatey kiss on his plump lips.

Giggles a bit like a school girl, "Thanks..I'm glad you like it. I like baking a bit more than cooking since it can be a bit more challanging in way." Jae replies and starts to eat his share as well.

Yunho brings the plates, forks to the kitchen while he has Jae relax on the couch. While he was putting them in the dishwasher he starts to think about how he'll ask Jae to do something that's always been on his mind. By the time he was finished he decided to just go ahead and ask so he can just get it over with. When he goes back to living room, he pours some wine into the glasses, and hands one to Jae. 'It's now or never.' He thinks to himself. Feeling a bit nervous he looks into Jae's eyes, "Jae..will you be willing to do something for me?"

Curious about what he wants him to do, he slightly tilts his head to the side, "What would you like me to do Yunie?"

Still feeling a bit nervous he looks away and takes another sip of the wine. 'What if he thinks less of me as a man..Stop thinking like that!..He loves you he wouldn't think any less of you for wanting to do this..Just ask him already!' He lectures himself. Yunho takes  a few deep breaths and looks into Jae's eyes again, "Jae...will you be will to take me tonight?...I've always wanted to know what it would feel like to have you in me" He asks shly and puts his head down when he felt his cheeks starting to get warm. "I want to feel how you felt when I was in you" He adds while still keeping his head down.

 Feeling a bit shocked at Yunho's request, he stays quiet for a moment. Quickly recovering from the feeling, he gently lifts Yunho chin up and looks him lovingly into his eyes. "I'd love too Yunie..I'll make you feel the passion and pleasure you made me feel." He seductively says and kisses Yunho's soft lips heatedly.

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"Risk" > Part 10

YooSu Side

Since I went a little too fast with love scene for the JaeHo side I thought I'd let you guys wait just a little longer for the other couples. Sorry..lol..I just want this fic to be a bit longer than I had originally planned it to be. Hope you guys continue to enjoy reading this story. Curious about what Junsu wants to tell him, he slightly tilts his head to the side, "What do you want to tell me Su?" He asks hoping that it isn't anything he should be worried about.

Trying his best to calm himself so that he wont start stuttering, "First, please don't say anthing until I'm finished no matter how suprised you are by what I'm going to say. Can you do that for me?" He says sucessfully not looking or sounding like a nervous wreck.

Even more curious, he raises on eyebrow. "Okay...I promise not to say anything until you're done talking." 'What on earth does he want to tell me?" He ask to himself.

'Here goes nothing...Hope he wont get a heart attack or anything.' Junsu thinks before taking a couple of deep breathes. "Yoochun...I've fallen in love with you...I started to have feelings for you after we first meet at that cafe...I understand that this is shocking...and that you may be disturbed by this...but don't worry...I wont bring this up ever again..even if you don't feel the same way...I hope we can some how...we can still be friends..please don't..mmph.." He wasn't able to finish saying his confession because his lips were claimed by Chun's soft lips.

'Su loves me...oh my gawd...Please don't let this be a dream...Please..' Chun thinks as well, hoping that he isn't imagining things. Not being able to control himself any longer, Yoochun kisses Su's lips hoping that it would show the latter that he felt the same way by not having to explain himself too much with words. Reluctantly, he pulled away from their first kiss since he needed air. "Su...you have nothing..to worry about...The truth is I started to have feelings for you after that day too..but I didn't think that you would ever feel the same way...so I figured I'd love you silently..I figured being your friend and colleue would be enough...but now I finally don't have to..mmpphh' Just like what he did to Su, Junsu claimed his lips preventing him from finishing what he was going to say.

'He feels the same way!!...I'm so lucky...If this is a dream I hope I don't wake up...Please..' Junsu thought to himself while he was listening to Yoochun confess how he felt about him. Since he was a bit stunned that Chun felt the same way he doesn't say or do anything for a little while.

'hhmm..Why isn't he doing anything. I thought he'd kiss me by now' Yoochun thinks to himself.

'Should I kiss him now or wait for him to make the first move?" Su asks himself as he looks at Chun.

Being a bit impatient, they quickly kiss each other's lips hoping to let the other know that he was extremly happy that he felt the same way with out having to say anything more.

How right they were to assume that. They pull apart from their meaningful kiss to say "I love you" to each other and head towards Junsu's bedroom to show each other how much they loved eacho other.

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"Risk" > Part 9

YooSu Side

 Junsu was getting anxious waiting for Yoochun to arrive. To pass the time, he decided to read a magazine. 'How will he react? Will he accept me? How are we going to work together if he rejects me?' Su thought in his head while he was flipping through the pages, not really bothering to read anything in it. Finally after going through a third magazine, he heard the doorbell ring. Gettin up, he smooths the slight wrinkles on his shirt and walked towards the door. When he reached the door, he took a deep breath smiled, and opened it. "Hi Chun! Please come in." Su says some howw managing not to look or sound how he was feeling inside. 'Damn I'm nervous as hell!' He thought, but figured it was better than waiting any longer to confess.

Smiling at his friend and colleague, "Hi Su. Thanks. I wasn't sure what kind to get so I got you both red and white wine. Hope you'll like it." Chun says happily. 'mmm...why do I have a feeling something is going to change my life tonight?' Chun ponderd, but pushed the thought aside while he handed Junsu the wine and walked into the apartment.

Still trying to act like he normally does, "I'm sure they're excellent. Thanks again." He says and has Chun follow him to the kitchen.

Impressed by the assortment of food that was on the table, he couldn't help but smile. "Su really likes to cook. I'm sure they taste just as good as they look.' He thought while he help Junsu open one of the bottles.

Taking the glass that Chun handed him, "Thanks Chun." Su shyly says and hands Chun a one of the bowls filled with the scrumptions dishes he prepaired.

Takes the bowl, "You're welcome..mmm..This smells good." Chun says and puts some spare ribs on his plate.

The two friends continue to do this until each of them had a little of each dish on their plate.

"mmm...These are delicious Su. You're a good cook. I wish I knew how to cook more dishes like you do."

Trying his best not to blus, but sadly failing a bit. "I'm glad you like them. I can teach you how to cook the ones I know how to make if you'd like." Su says trying not to act to elated from Chun's compliment.

Chuckling in his head so that he doesn't embarrass SU, "Thanks. That sounds like found." He says and continues eating the wonderful food.

Takes a sip of wine, "No problem." He says trying to act as calmly as he can. Although in his head he's jumping up and down squealing like a teenage girl that just complimented by her crush.

After the were finished Chun helped Su rinse the dishes, and put them in the dish washer. Once that was done Junsu made some coffee and had him wait in the living and watch a movie. When the coffee was ready, he poured some into the cups and put the right amount of cream and sugar in each one. Then he cut the cake and put a slice one each plate. He then put them on a tray and went to the living room.

Su put the tray on the coffee table Chun was suprised to see the delisious looking cake. "The cake looks good Su did you bake it?" He asks trying not to sound too suprised.

Chuckling a little, "I didn't bake it. Jae did. It's just a little thank for giving him some of the food I cooked a week ago." He fibed a bit. A little white lie doesn't hurt right?

Takes a bite of the cake, which makes his eyes widedn a tad. "mmm...This is good. Jae's a good baker."

Su takes a bite of the cake to and smiles. Jae always gives him some of what ever he bakes, so he's not too suprised by how it tastes. "Yeah he is". Su replys. 'I wish I could bake well like he does.' He says in his head.

After they were done eating the cake and drinking the coffee, Su the empty cup, plates, and forks on the tray, and goes back to the kitchen to do what they did earlier. Chun tried to help Su again, Su wouldn't let him, and insisted he just relax and watch the movie. When Junsu was finshed putting everything in the dishwasher, he some wine in a couple glasses, and went back to were Chun was. Trying to settle his nerves a bit more, he waits till the movie is over before he goes through with the confession.

When the movie was finished Su took a few deep breaths and looked at Chun. "Chun..there's something I've been meaning to tell you."

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"Risk" > Part 8

YooSu Side 

 When Junsu woke up he decided that today was the day that he would finally let Yoochun know how he feels. He took a shower and got dressed. Once he was ready he left his apartment and went to the cafe that he always goes to in the morning. After the waitress served his his coffee and pasrty, he took out his cell and called Yoochun.

Yoochun is eating some pancakes that he had just finished cooking a few minutes ago. While he was eating, he had a strange feeling that something in his life was going to change. When he was eating the last piece of his pancakes, he hears his cellphone ring.

Y- "Hi Su what's up?!" Chun says a bit suprised, happy that Su called him this early.

S- "Hi Chun! Are you free tonight?" Su asks trying not to sound nervous.

Y- "I'm free tonight. Why do you ask?" Chun says curious about what his friend was up to.

S- "Do you wana come over to my place tonight for dinner?" he manages to ask without stuttering.

Y- "Sure. Would you like me to bring anything?" Chun says trying not to sound too excited.

S- "mmm...How about some wine. I'm not very good at picking one that's actually worth drinking."

Y- "Alright no problem. What time should I come over?"

S- "umm...Come over at 7:00pm. Is that okay?"

Y- "Okay. I'll be there. See you later!"

S- "See ya!" he says happpily. In his mind he's doing a happy dance.

Relived that Chun agreed to have dinner at his place, he continues to eat the rest of his breakfast. After ordering some coffee to go, he goes to a few shops to buy some things he needed to make their dinner. On his way home, an idea pops into his head. He would have loved to have made everything that they were going to eat later in the evening, but sadly he wasn't very talented when it came to baking. Not wanting to buy something store bought for the special night he decieded to ask Jae if he could help him by baking a cake for him. So once he got home and put the things he bought in their proper places, he took the phone and called his brother knowing that he wouldn't be able to resist him.

J- "Hello"

S- "Hi Jae! I bought the things I need for to tonight." Su says excitedly.

J- "Oh..That's good. Try not to be nervous. I have a feeling things will turn out the way you're hopping it would" Jae says trying to earase any doubts his brother has.

S- "Thanks Jae. I needed to hear that...uummm...I was wondering...Could you possibly bake a cake for me?...I would try to make one myself, but unfortunately baking isn't something I'm good at....Can you bake one for me?!...Pleases?!!" Su asks trying not to sound too desperate.

J- Trying his best not to laugh, "mmmm...I don't know Su ducky butt...Why don't you just buy one instead?" Jae says trying to control himself. Of course he would bake one for him, but that doesn't mean that he wouldn't try to have a little fun, so he wanted to tease his duck butt brother a bit.

S- Trying even harder not to sound too desperate, "I don't want serve something store bought..Please Jae...I really want tonight to be special...Please?!" Su says, failing on not trying too sound desperate.

J- Not wanting to tease the poor guy any longer, "oh Alright I'll bake one for you. What kind would you like me to bake?!" he asks happily.

S- Relived that Jae agreed, "Thank you so much1...uummm..How about a red velvet cake?"

J- "mmm...Okay no problem. What time is he coming over?"

S- "He's comming at 7;00pm."

J- "oh Okay. I'll drop it off at 5:oopm. does that sound good?"

S- "That sounds perfect thanks Jae. I owe you one!" Su says excitedly.

J- "No problem ducky butt. See ya later!"

S- "See ya!"

Before it was time for Junsu to start cooking he took care of some other things that needed to be taken care of. He read and signed some paper work, paid some bills, called some people he needed to talk to, and cleaned his apartment. Once he did all that, he started preping the ingrediants for the dishes that he was going to make. He wanted to cook a variety of dishes. Since he decided that the theme would be Asian food he was going to cook: saewoo bokubumop, yum neua, chicken goyza, and some steamed spare tribs. After all the ingrediants were ready, he started to cook. While he was cooking, Su couldn't help but have a silly smile on his face. He was imagining how Chun will like the dishes that he made. Every time that he would Share his lunch with Chun, the later would always compliment him on his cooking. Once all the dishes were cooked, he got two containers and put a little bit of everything in them. Since Jae and Yunho were the ones to give him the idea of how to confess to Chun, and that Jae was baking a cake for him; he felt that it was only right that he shares the food that he cooked.

When he was finished putting the food in the containers, he put them in a bag. While he was cleaning up the kitchen he hears the door bell. "Hi Jae. Thank you so much for doing this" Su says gratefully to his brother. "Please come in" he says and steps aside so his brother could come in.

"You're welcome Su. mmm...What did you cook?" Jae asks, intrigued by the wonderful aroma that the food gave.

"Oh...I cooked a variety of asian dishes..oh and I saved some for you and Yunho too. I hope you guys like it. It's just my little way of thanking you guys for your help and support." Su says and smiles.

Touched by what Su did for Yunho and him, he hugged his brother. "Thank you Su..You didn't have too, but I'm happy you did. I miss eating your cooking. I'm sure Yunho and I will love it!" Jae says sincerely.

After chatting for a little bit longer, Jae leaves with the food that Su gave him. Once Jae was gone Junsu got the table ready and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower. Having a little trouble chosing what to wear, he settled on wearing a pair of black jeans, a striped v-neck shirt, and pair of sneakers. Satisfied with how he looked he put on some cologne and went to the living room. All that was left was to wait for Yoochun to come.
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"Risk" > Part 7

JaeHo Side

Having a hard time trying to decide which suit he should pick, he decides to ask Jae. "Jae which one will look better on me?" He asks while pouting a little.

Thinking how Yun was pouting was cute, he can't help but chuckle a bit. "mmm...I think the dark grey suit looks better."

Deciding that Jae was right, he nods his head. "You're right. I'll go try it on." With that, he goes to the fitting room while Jae was waiting for him.

After Yunho came out of the fitting room, he couldnt't help but stare at him. 'Damn he's hot. It makes me want to take it off and start attacking every inch of his tanned toned body.', he thought in his head. When he heard Yun cough he snapped out of his little trance.

Trying not to laugh when Jae was spacing out, he just decided to making a coughing sound so he'll snap out of it. "So what do you think?..hhmmm.. Does it look good on me?"

Blushing a bit because he spaced out earlier he nods his head. "It looks really good on you Yunho. You should buy it."

Looking at himself in the mirror, 'mmm..Considering how Jae reacted I should get this suit.', he thought in his head. "Okay. I'll buy it." He goes back to the fitting room to take it off and puts his clothes back on. They go to the cashier and pays for the suit. He has Jae wait in another store while he goes to his car to so he can put the suit in the trunk.
When he goes back to the store the look around to help find Jae some new casual clothes.

It was Yunho's turn to space out when he came out off the fitting room. Finding how hot Jae looked in the black jeans and thin grey long sleeved shirt. He couldn't help but gawk at him. 'Wow my Joongie looks hot! If we were at my or his place I'd take it off his and start having my way with him.' , he thought in his head. He snapped out of his trance when he heard Jae chukle.

Seeing Yunho ogle him, he couldn't help but laugh at him a bit. "So what do you think Yunho. Should I buy them?"

Not being able to speak at the moment, all he could do was nod his head, which of course made Jae laugh a little more.

Jae tries on four more outfits, which makes Yunho have the same reaction. Once he was done, they go to the cashier to pay for the clothes.

After shopping for a couple more hours they decide to go to a bistro for lunch. When they went inside they saw Junsu looking like he was thinking of something important. When they came towards him, Su snapped out of his stupor and greeted them.

Getting up and smiling at his brother and friend, "Hi Jae. Hi Yunho. How are you guys?". He said while he hugged them.

Jae smiles, "I'm fine Su. How 'bout you?". He said curious about why he was spacing out earlier.

Yunho smiles at Su as well, "Hi Su." He says and sits next to Jae.

Smiling at the two, "I'm fine. I was just thinking about something earlier. He says and plays with his pasta.

When Jae was about to say something a waiter comes and takes his and Yunho's order. After telling the waiter theit order, Jae starts to talk to Su. "What were you thinking about Su?" He asks and takes a sip of his water.

Thinking about why Junsu was spacing out, he suddenly thinks about something. Smirking a little, "Could it possibly have been about Yoochun?" Yunho ask calmly so that he wouldn't embarrass him. That and so Jae wouldn't smack or kick him.

A little nervous, he takes a sip of water and shyly nods his head. "Yeah. I was thinking about Chun. I want to confess to him about how I feel, but I'm not sure if he has any feelings for me. I don't want to risk losing him as a friend. That and it might make thinks akward at work because he may feel uncomfortable around me. What shold I do?"

Understanding what Junsu was going through, Jae pats Su's shoulder. "I understand what you're going through Su. I confessed to Yunho. Luckily he felt the same way about me and confessed as well. I don't think that you'll have to worry about Chun accepting you, because I've seen the way he looks and acts around you. I highly doubt that he wont feel the same way. Just be honest when you're ready to confess to him. It'll be alright." He says reasurringly.

Agreeing with what Jae had just said to Su, he nods his head and smiles at Su. "I think Jae's right Su. I don't think Chun will reject you." Yun adds.

Feeling a little releived, he smiles at his brother and friend. "Thanks guys. I really needed to hear that."

When the waiter arrives with their food, they happily eat and chat with each other. They talk about the up coming projects for the company, and how Su is going to confess to Yoochun.

Happy and grateful that Jae and Yunho was there to give him their advice and encouragement, he can't help but smile contenly. "Thank you guys for the advice and support. I really appreciate it."

Glad to have helped Su they smile and hug him. "No problem." The two say at once, which makes them laugh.

After talking for a little longer, they go decide to leave and go their seperate ways. Su goes home and starts thinking about what he's going to do, and YunJae goes to Jae's apartment.

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"Risk" > Part 6

JaeHo Side 

 Waking up, Yunho rubs his eyes and smiles when he realizes that Jae's head was on his chest. Stroking Jae's hair lightly. "I love you Joongie. Thank you for loving me too." He whispers softly so he wont wake up the beautiful.

Hearing what Yunho had said, he slowly moves his head and looks up at Yunho. "Good morning Yunie. I love you too." Jae says shyly, and lays his head on Yun's chest when he felt that he was blushing.

Finding how Jae acted was cute, he lifts the latter's head up gently and claims his soft lips hungraily. Pulling away for air, "Last night was amazing Jae. Thank you for trusting me." Yunho says sincerly as he tries to breath normally.

Slowy getting on top of Yunho, "Thank you for being gentle. I'll always trust you Yunie." Jae says while he moved his body so he can lay down on Yunho's chest, and wraps his arms around the man's body.

Having Jae on top of him makes it a bit difficult to stay in control. But since he didn't want his lover to be in pain, he just settles on wrapping his arms around Jae's slim and soft body. "Would you like me to give you a massage Jae?"

Nodding his head, "mmmm...That would be nice. Thanks for offering."

With that, Yunho had Jae laying on his stomach while he got up to position himself beside Jae. Once he was ready, he starts to massage Jae's back, and moved down to his waist. He knows that he's relieving Jae's pain when he hears Jae's soft moans.

Moaning from the relief he was felt, "uuhhh...That feels great Yun..mmmm...Thank you."

Yunho smiles, and continues to massage Jae for about thirty minutes. He would have done it longer, but Jae stopped him.

Sitting up, and caressing Yunho's cheek, "That was wonderful. Now lay down on so I can massage you too." Once Yunho was laying down on his stomach, he started to massage the latter's toned and tan back.

After massaging Yunho for a while, their stomachs begin to growl making both of them laugh. But since they wanted to freshen up first, they decide to take a shower together first.  However, they ended up going at it again so it took them longer to get clean.

Once they finished they Yunho gave Jae some clothes, while he put Jae's clothes in the washer. Jae decided to make some bibim bop since he knows Yunho loves how he makes it. "mmm...This is good Joongie. I love how you make this. You're a good cook."

Chuckling a bit, "Thanks Yunie. I'm glad you like it. What do you want to do when were done eating?"

Thinking for a moment. "Why don't we go to the mall?!" Yun says, and contiues eating the rice dish that his Joongie cooked.

"mmm...Sounds like a good idea." Jae answers and continues to eat as well.

While they were eating, Yunho put Jae's clean clothes in the dryer. When they were done eating they washed the dishes and put them away. Since Jae's clothes still needed to get dry, they decided to watch some tv. Once Jae's clothes were done drying, they change their clothes and head to the mall.

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